Sunday, August 10, 2008

We did it. Our first week is over. It was amazing. I know that in all I read it said your house may look like a tornado hit it, but I never assumed it would look like that on only the second day. And it only got worse. We fell behind on laundry, the bathroom never got cleaned, the carpet is lumpy, we never got around to making bread (forget about cookies and play-dough!), and already the stacks of books and papers are taller in some places than Joseph.

But, that being said, the kids also learned some Aseop's fables, Mary knows her vowels, what they say, and how to write them, Nathan suggested graphing the depth of the puddle outside during (yet another) rainstorm, and Joseph taught himself how to jump off the end table onto the giant floor pillow. We even managed to squeeze in a field trip and get to the grocery store and farmer's market. We also found a free gymnastics for Mary this coming Fri, and found out that we had $6 in library fines b/c we had 24 books one day late. Ouch.

All in all, not a bad week.

Yesterday on our way home from the Temple, we stopped at a used bookstore that caters to homeschoolers and found Saxon Math books, K-2! We bought all three for only $14 each! :) Those suckers are HUGE. We also got an ASL dictionary and some phonics flashcards.

Joseph continues to do well with going potty. If we don't move fast enough for him, he will go and sit on the potty by himself. Diaper and all. He started nursery today. He was fine at first, but after about 30 mins they brought him to me, sobbing. Not even bubbles would make him happy. Next week we'll aim for 45 mins. Though, next week he shouldn't still have this cold and likely won't be as tired or crabby. And I'll have Daddy drop him off.

My hat addiction seems to have returned. I made a few more octopuses this weekend, but I also knit two hats. I made them from variegated cotton lovely! Still don't know what I'm going to do with all this stuff.

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Becca said...

I hate library fines! Especially when it is only one day late, but a stack of kids books. I just found out today when we went to the library that I had the same situation. Oops!