Monday, September 1, 2008

What a lovely weekend! Both boys checked out well at the doctor's on Fri. We got lots of wonderful fruits and veggies at Sterns and more at the Co-op. I skipped LISTEN b/c Joseph was asleep. At the doctor's, Joseph got three shots, which made him scream, and then one finger prick, which seemed to fascinate him. He just stared and smiled at the phlebotomist, who said she'd never seen such a little kid so calm.

We arrived home at about 3:30 and to our surprise found Daddy already home! They'd given him a few extra hours to enjoy the long weekend. He used the peace and quiet time to get ahead on the evening's homework.

I started a new book on tape, Dragon Rider. I'm about 10 chapters in and very excited to listen some more tonight. I tried to listen to Ella Enchanted, but the narrator's voice was not working for me.

The grammar book came for Nathan's lessons on Wed. I'm expecting his spelling books this week. We are also expecting a credit card that seems to be having quite a difficult time in finding our house. That's a rather long story, though.

The homeschool co-op preliminary meeting was last night. I'd already begged out b/c of it being on a Sunday. From the reports on the website it looks like they were highly productive and I like most of what's been decided. Fridays from 10-12 with a one hour class that changes monthly and the kids can choose where they want to be according to what's offered. Incidently, it's a good thing I'd already said I would not be there. I fell asleep nursing Joseph at 7:30 and didn't wake up until this morning.

Lil'Nathan met his 100 book summer reading challenge. We presented him with his certificate of acheivement and had the celebratory pizza party this evening. I'm going to add a picture of him with his 100 books.

Also, you'll see a picture of a walking stick bug that visited with us all day on Saturday. He was so cool! He stayed on the screen for the whole day and when the sun set he disappeared. Joseph kept trying alternately to knock him off the screen and kiss him.

You can also see what we've lately spent a lot of time doing: cleaning the walls. Joseph doesn't seem to be inhibited in his drawing. Paper is not his only landscape. Crayon seems to come off the easiest, followed by pencil, and pen, which is the most difficult. I can only pray he never gets his hands on a permanant marker!

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