Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This is Joseph's birth announcement. I finished it last week. I had the other kids' done before they were born, but I was so sure that Joseph was a girl that I made a girly one when I was pregnant with him. Obviously I couldn't use that, and this one seemed to take forever. I worked on it very sporadically for most of the last year, but lately got tired of it just sitting in my bag unfinished. This is the product of audio books Pride and Prejudice, Dragon Rider, and Harry Potter 1-3.

Here is our "new" climbing toy. (Joseph is dressed, I promise. Well, in a diaper, anyway.) This is the source of much joy and mirth and I can personally vouch for the great ride of the slide.

This, however is what Joseph likes to do with it. I'm not quite sure it brings much joy to me when he does this. We don't call him our little climber boy for nothing.

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Becca said...

What a dare devil!