Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's very late, but it's quiet. Nathan is taking a nap on the floor between lectures and Joseph hasn't yet woken for his midnight snack. That gives me computer time! (I've already spent the past hour catching up on friends' blogs and doing a little searching. Should I be sleeping? Probably.) I even got on Facebook, but still can't quite grasp it. I do want to add a picture to my profile though. I don't have anything good, but it would still be better than what they offer as a "filler."

Oh, I also tried to alter my own blog. True to form with me and computers, it was a disaster. All I wanted was a simple background from "cutest blog on the block" (it was even in the "simple" category!) Everything either vanished or overran itself. Or did something else that there is simply no word for, only some evil computer conspiracy. Somehow I got it back to what it was before and I'll leave it at that for now. I did find some nifty things to add though, like the friends links. Anyone mind if I note your blogs/ websites in that section? (Assuming, of course, that I can do it successfully.)

We were in Lebanon today. Sorry I couldn't visit anyone, we were running really tight. (I did see Heather at DHMC and waved at Mike and Nicole on my way in to Centerra, though I'm sure they had no idea who I was.) We had two kids get 5 shots first thing this morning. Then Mary had a filling at the dentist. (She was so good that he said all his pediatric patients will henceforth be required to recieve an MMR booster before any dental appointments!) :) Then we hightailed it to LISTEN for boots and snowpants, but left with a few books and a new dress for Mary. Next to Honda to get a couple of rust spots fixed on the car before we park it for the winter. Then to to Mary's to pick up our crackers (making for one very happy Joseph when he realized what was in those two big boxes). Then to the Co-op. We needed some stuff. (And we wound up with even more. I do love the Co-op.) Then home, but first BJ's (here in Hooksett) for a couple more things.

It was late and dark when we got home, and Nathan was gone at scouts. Many trips to the car to bring everything in, so Lil'Nathan and I worked in short spurts. When we all finally arrived in the apartment, we were met with a wonderful smell. Nathan had cooked chicken soup and biscuits and left it all hot and ready when he left for scouts. How wonderful is he?

The kids were considerably disappointed though. I'd promised them cold cereal ("with milk!") for dinner, hoping for a quick-to-bed.

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