Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We are on the road!

We left today at 11:30 am and after faxing a change of address form for a W-2 and finding Comcast to drop off our internet box, we were finally on the road around 12:30. We stopped once for a potty break and bought some frozen burritos for dinner later (I'm paying for that now.) One fuel stop and we arrived in Wilkes-Barre, PA, known to students everywhere as the place where the student loan repayment is mailed.

Our exodus went well this morning. I don't think we forgot anything and somehow we managed to get everything in the van. Miracle. One problem arose when we arrived at the hotel, though. One of the fish, Blate, was not looking too good. We warned lil'Nathan that he may not make it to morning, and sure enough, I just checked and he has departed this life. I'm not sure how he'll take the news, but he was talking about how his Christmas money could get him a new fish, as well as a watch battery. So, there's hope for you.

The kids are thrilled about the hotel's pool. We promised them if they went to sleep quickly and quietly they could go swimming in the morning before we leave. It worked. We'll eat, swim, and go. We plan to be outside of Cleveland tomorrow night, in Chicago on Thurs night, and moving in to our apartment on Fri morning (when the contract opens). So far the weather looks like it will treat us well.

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