Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lil'Nathan has lost another tooth. We keep telling him he looks like a jack-o-lantern. Don't ya think?

We spent Saturday taking care of some essentials. We went to Home Depot to get some screen to repair the back door. (Last week, Mary showed Joseph how to peel the screen back and use it as a handle to pull open the door.) We also got some chicken wire to keep Joseph from crawling through the neighbors' fence to visit their pool... and big German Shepard.

And we went shoe shopping. With his training in orthotics, Nathan is very particular about what makes a good shoe. He found some that fit the bill and then we started trying on. Joseph jumped from a 6 to an 8. Mary went from an 11.5 to a 13. Lil'Nathan went from 13 to 1. Hmm... overdue for new shoes? They are all delighted. Nathan also insisted (and he was serious!) that I get new shoes, too. (I bought the old ones when Mary was born.) Choosing for the kids was easy, but it took me 45 mins (maybe more?) to choose between two pair! (Out of practice?) I would also post a picture of our old shoes, but as soon as we got home (literally, my feet were barely out of them!) Nathan had my shoes and Mary's out in the trash and I accidentally left Joseph's at the store. (Don't worry, they're holding them for me.)

And fear not, Nathan is not being left out of the shoe party. He loves his Birks (a dress shoe, not a sandal). So much so that they are getting scary thin on the bottom and we are in the process of finding a cobbler to replace the sole. (Should be Birk certified.) Looks like we are going to end up mailing them to OR or CT, but there is still hope (for me!) of taking them to Concord, NH. :) 'Course, they'll still look the same, but it will be as good as a new pair for him--better really, since they are already broken in.

And here see our lovely kitchen curtains, completed last month, and Mary's beautiful mini pansy. The plant was a kid's day gift from Home Depot back in April and has been in continuous bloom since. It's so pretty.

And finally, Handsome Joseph saw me taking pictures of Nathan this morning and insisted on having one of himself taken, too. This was a candid in the middle of his silly faces. So handsome!

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Stephanie said...

I really like those brightly colored curtains. It brightens my day just to look at a picture of them!