Friday, June 12, 2009

On Wednesday we went to visit a lady we met who has goats. Two mamas and 5 brand new babies. I forget what kind they were, but the adults were only about as big as a golden retriever and the babies no bigger than a big cat. The babies were so friendly and cuddly--they chewed my hair quite contentedly while standing on Joseph's lap. They also liked to suck on our fingers, obviously thinking something would come if they just tried hard enough. Joseph loved holding and petting them, but was not the least bit tolerant of their sucking and chewing on him. We even got to see one baby jump up and balance on his mother's back. Another one tried that with my shoulder, but it didn't work out as well for her.

(Pictures would have been good, right? Oops. Oh, well, they likely would have just tried to eat my camera anyway.)

Before we left, the owner let the kids try milking one of the mama goats. Joseph just wanted to feed her, not touch her. Mary got milk right away and on every try. Lil'Nathan had the technique down, but couldn't manage to get any milk. Soo... when we finally have our own, I know who will get the milking job. :)

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