Thursday, July 23, 2009

We are gearing up for two weeks of family visits. Tomorrow night Nathan's parents are coming for 8 days. Next Friday night, my mom will arrive. She'll also be here for 8 days. They will overlap for one day--Lil'Nathan's baptism day.

Speaking of which, we were getting concerned b/c he hasn't had his interview with the Bishop yet, but he informed me yesterday that he HAS had it. He was taken out of Primary last Sunday by the executive secretary and spoke with the Bishop. Oh. Good to know.

Also, there is some concern among the ranks that they will really be missing something if they spend the Baptism morning at the produce market with Daddy and Gramma and Grampa instead of turning on the font with Mommy and GG. Seriously.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes, family coming. With Nathan's parents we are planning to go visit Haverhill, MA where the family first settled when they came from Europe in the 1600's, pick blueberries in Danvers, MA and probably spend some time exploring the Freedom Trail. And of course, there has to be an afternoon or two at the beach throwing rocks.

With my mom we will also explore some of the Freedom Trail, visit my friend Sara, and go to Minute Man Park in Lexington. No doubt some sewing will also be involved.

I bought two yards of pink nylon tricot. (It's 108" wide, am I nuts?!) I want to make Mary a slip and a shorts-type slip. She also wants a silky nightgown and I imagine I'll have more than enough.

Lil'Nathan did not buy a hamster or a guinea pig. Once we got the okay from our landlord for a cat or a guinea pig ("but no dogs") we went in search of a furry friend. I wanted a cat. I still do. But the more I thought, the more it seemed now was not the right time, for a small variety of reasons. So we settled on "probably a guinea pig." But when we got to the store ("for research purposes only, no buying today!") we were not highly taken with them. Largish, easy to hold, but kinda stinky and it just sat there. We were, however, totally charmed by the dumbo rats. (Still with me?) They were cute, inquisitive, soft, and "no stinky." So, we came home, found a cage on Craigslist (even the store manager said the cages at the store were terrible!) and did some more research on rats--how to choose a healthy one, boy vs girl, food requirements, etc. We called the store and asked them to hold the two dumbo rats (they need a rat friend) and made arrangements to pick up the cage. The next day we brought home Seth (named by Nathan for the mischievous brother in Fablehaven) and Acorn (named by Mary b/c "he is pretty and he needs a pretty name." Actually, his full name is Acorn Strawberry. Originally it was Clover Princess, but as the rat is a boy, this caused considerable stress in her older brother.)

So there you go. I'll post pictures when I can. They still don't like to come all the way out of their cage yet--and with six little hands attached to squealing, giggling giants waiting for them at the door, can you really blame them?

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