Sunday, December 20, 2009

Well, we've got snow! It hit late last night and we just recently saw the last flake fall. Total: about 9 inches. I called my grandfather to share the news. It always makes him happy to be in FL during times like this. The kids are thrilled and cannot wait until tomorrow when they can go out and play in it. It really is beautiful out there now. Daddy has off tomorrow, so he can help with forts and snowmen and snowball fights. That's beautiful, too. I'll stay in and warm the hot chocolate.

Now for some pictures...
Each of the kids decorated some of the tags for our food gifts this year. These are Joseph's.

Here are two ornaments the kids made. The plate is, obviously, by Joseph. (His favorite color, much to his older brother's dismay, is pink.) The face is a wool-needle-felted masterpiece by Nathan. Neat, huh?

We watch Tripp twice a month. Joseph loves him, especially now that the baby can almost sit and loves to smile and "talk" to him. They are reading an Elmo Christmas story.

Here are some runners up from our Christmas card picture selection contest. We were coming home from getting our car fixed about two weeks ago in Lebanon and it started snowing while we were in LISTEN (yay! Brand new maternity pants!!) and then got worse as we headed home. So, we did what anyone would do, who happened to be in need of a family Christmas picture. We pulled over to the side of the road and took pictures. (Good thing, too, b/c when we got back to MA, it was only raining.) So, these are authentic NH snow pictures.
First, some distracted, but cute faces. And a renegade snowflake.
Mary's eyes are closed. Admittedly, they were closed in the one we wound up choosing, but this one was dark, too. I like the snow on our heads, though.
This was my favorite of Joseph, but lil'Nathan looks a bit psycho and I look like I've got goiter or something.

And in other thoughts... are you ready for Christmas? I have a couple of things to finish making, but they are mostly ready. All of our ordered packages are here, save one, which is on back order. Oh, well. My mother is stressed out b/c her package to us was mailed without tracking and she seems certain it will now be lost... or stolen if we aren't here to take it directly from the mailman.

Every morning Joseph comes downstairs and turns over all the pieces on the advent calendar. It drives the other two kids crazy.

Nathan found out at work last week that he had a week of vacation that needed to be used by the end of the year! But of course, he couldn't take the week of Christmas or New Year's off, b/c it was already booked. So, they told him he could take this coming Mon and Tues off (they were staffed enough) and then roll over the remaining three days if he used them in Jan. So he took off every Fri in Jan. Fun!! :) I am so excited, it's a lovely Christmas present. Plus, he likes to cook when he's home and we always eat better (tastier!) when that happens.

My grandmother is back in the hospital. She wants out by Christmas, but it doesn't look likely, since she still isn't up and moving. We're afraid she's going to end up back in the nursing home. I haven't spoken with her yet, but my grandfather sounded very tired and discouraged today. She went in via the ER last Mon morning. I'm sending them a copy of Dr. Suess' "You're Only Old Once." I hope it helps them laugh a little.

Speaking of laughing... Joseph's favorite movie is the old BYU "Johnny Lingo." We watched it this morning (snow canceled church) and I got to wondering again. Johnny says he wanted Mahana to know she was worth more than any other woman on the island so he paid 8 cows for her and that's what helped her realize her true beauty, right? So, if someone, one day, pays 10 cows for his wife, will she regress?


Auliver said...

Got your Christmas card! It is so cute! The kids are getting big. Our cards are late to go out (normal for me) so you will be getting one hopefully by Valentines Day! Glad things are going well for you!!!

Me said...

I remember a very interesting Johnny Lingo FHE in Heritage Halls. And then there was the psycho ugly duckling FHE, too.