Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We received our new checks today.  (We are changing banks.)  Joseph asked for the little box they came in and then promptly took it upstairs and put a pair of socks in it.  He asked if he could wrap it and save it for our next Christmas tree.  "Then I will open it and say, 'Oh my socks!  I wondered where they went!'"

And behold our beautiful bread....

The first loaf we made fell a little during baking.  The second fell a lot.  This is our third.  I made a couple of adjustments and it was doing wonderfully.  Then I noticed it, too, had fallen.  But it didn't look like regular loaf-falling.  There were little holes in it, just about the size of a 2-yr old finger.  Hmmm.... Joseph, did you poke the bread?  No answer.   Joseph?  "I was just checking it!"

Looks kinda like a smiling face, don't ya think?

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Me said...

Cute bread and cute stories!