Sunday, May 30, 2010

Testing went well last week.  I checked everything over and found some weak spots in each of the kids--nothing serious or anything, but definitely something we'll need to work on this year.  Lil'Nathan, for example, is very, very good at reading (surprise), but his punctuation and capitalization is pretty haphazard.  Grammar is a part of this year's curriculum, but we'll add a little extra practice in as well.   Mary's biggest issue was a rapid boredom with the test and then she'd forget the question.  (I had to read the directions before every test.  "Stop reading the same thing over again, you're driving me nuts!" she yelled after the fifth or sixth test.)

Anyway, summer school starts on Tues.  They each have a "bridge book" with a variety of exercises and activities, 2 pages/day.  And the summer reading challenge is underway.  Lil'Nathan tossed a book back in the library bag last night and said, "1 down, 99 more to go."

Nathan had off on Friday.  We went to JoAnn Fabrics for the sale so I could get some fabric to finish/ start some quilts and maybe a skirt or shorts... and some summer PJ's for the kids.  Joseph was helping me shop and while I was looking at material and nursing Charlie, he put down my quilting thread and waste canvas and picked up 2 plastic pink pigs.  They were later changed for a muffin pan, which was changed for some "bootiful" yarn, which was then exchanged for a bird house, to which he added a baseball hat for Charlie.  None of this was purchased, however... including my thread and waste canvas, which I didn't discover until we got home.

We also went to the park down by the beach.  It was a nice day, not too windy.  A woman with 3 tiny puppies showed up and let all the kids play with her puppies.  They were no bigger than a bag of beans, bouncing around, playing, licking the kids' noses.  They were so cute!!  Lil'Nathan cried for the rest of the day b/c we couldn't have one.  This afternoon he cornered our landlord, who was then mowing the lawn, to ask if he could have a dog.  Jim said he had to ask his wife.

Yesterday was an "in-house" day.  The boys refinished the kitchen table.  It almost dried before the rain came.  We also did laundry, vacuumed, and a few other things.  Actually, yesterday was also Charlie's eating day, so I didn't really get a blasted thing done.  It was all Nathan.  I sat and nursed the baby while looking at quilting books and getting new ideas. 
Yes, Charlie has eating days and sleeping days.  Usually he will eat non-stop for a whole day, and then sleep most of the next day, waking only to eat.  That night when he wakes up he is visibly larger.

Did you know if you drink 1 tsp of baking soda dissolved in 1 cup of water you will burp in aproximately 5-10 mins?  And it will be the worst ever "soda" burp (bubbles in your nose!!).  Trust me.

And now for some pictures, which is probably the only reason  you look here anyway...

Yesterday Charlie was helping me on the computer... like now, only now he is nursing while I type.  Now Daddy is snoozing in the rocking chair, but yesterday, he got some cute faces out of him--don't forget to look at the one on the left... (Wow, is that really what my hair looks like from behind?)

Charlie and Daddy before church this morning.  A friend made the tie onesie and last night I made the pants (out of one of Nathan's old t-shirts) to go with it.  The little man was stylin' today.


Jennifer and Dan Blake said...

His hair reminds me so much of my Gideon's, except Gideon's was jet black. I was kind of sad he was a boy so I couldn't put bows in it.

Sarah said...

aww, such an adorable baby boy! Sounds like you've been accomplishing a lot, including growing a healthy little guy. congrats!