Sunday, June 27, 2010

  A train track masterpiece and a fence-climbing boy.  Behind Joseph, on the fence, our garden is growing.  We have several beans, peas, and tomatoes already.  The sunflowers are getting little buds and the pumpkin isn't dead yet.  We had to transplant our cucumbers over there this week, too, b/c they all grew and were getting too large for the container.  Lil'Nathan plucked out my morning glory a few weeks ago, thinking it was a weed.  :(

And then here's my chubby little snoozer resting after a morning trip into Boston for the dedication of our new Stake Center. (Taken about half an hour ago.  Daddy is sleeping now, too.)

And then circus camp.

Nathan got bored in his unicycling class b/c there were not enough very small unicycles.  So, he wandered over to the stilt section and got a little help there. 

Joseph thought this "take matters into your own hands" approach was a good one.

But there were none his size.  (The minimum age for the class is 6.)   A nice boy then helped him remove his WAY too big stilts.

So he joined Mary in her hula hoop class.

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