Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Is July over yet?

It seems so long ago that the month began.  We were camping in NH and what a wonderful time we had!  Having never before camped outside of a motor home, I was blessed with perfect weather and a delightful location.  We had 'smores every night, never had to wash more than 2 dishes per night, and had access to swimming and showers.  Really, what more do you need?

Oh, friends!  We had those there, too.  :)  Dawn came to see us at the campground and we were able to reconnect with many, many more at church on Sunday.

It was a good trip.

But, then my grandmother died.  I actually found out on Saturday during Dawn's visit.  She let me use her cell phone to call home and see how things were going.  The night before we left, my mother called to tell me that G'ma had decided she had had enough and did not want to be in the hospital anymore.  After 2 1/2 years, she was tired and not getting any better.  They would be signing a DNR and she would be entering Hospice.  So, I called my mom on Sat morning.  She was at Hospice.  G'ma had died about an hour before, a little more than 12 hours after entering Hospice.  My grandfather was the only family member with her, though almost everyone else had been in to see her since Thurs night.  She went peacefully.

When we got home from camping, we started planning what we would do.  Nathan was able to get 3 days of bereavement leave from work and I bought a plane ticket to take Charlie and myself down for the Memorial Service.  We thought of driving down and the kids and I staying all month, but decided against it.  My going down put an end to the planned trip at the end of the month.  The kids are still mad about that.  Never mind that they had 5 days of playing with Daddy. 

Actually, I think my mother is still a little upset about it, too.

When we left for NH, our garden was growing beautifully.  The tomato plant had about a dozen little tomatoes and the kids had already harvested a few beans and peas.  It survived the heat and lack of water while we were gone.  We loved and admired it daily.  (Notice the past tense?)  While I was in FL, our weaselly, crabby neighbor waited until no one was home one morning (Nathan took the kids to the beach) and sneaked into our yard where he tore out the whole thing.  Nathan caught him stuffing everything in our trash can when he returned from the beach.  He stammered something about it touching his fence.  Mary said she "could tell Daddy was very angry, but was trying to stay calm."  Lil'Nathan sat on the front steps and cried for over an hour. 

Lil'Nathan has told everyone in the neighborhood what happened--the landlady was furious! (especially when Mary told her we were going to move as a result!)  My dear son made paper airplanes the other day which read "Do not rip up our property!  We sue you for $90."  I wouldn't let him throw them over the fence.  We have been using the incident to try and teach the joy of forgiveness.  I think I need the lesson, too.  I saw the old grump driving by the other day and stuck my tongue out at him.


I got home very late on Monday and Nathan returned to work on Tues.  He worked the rest of the week and then yesterday went to Chicago for his orientation.  He'll be back on Thurs night. 

My sister had  purchased a ticket to come up and help me drive down to FL.  She is still coming and will be here tomorrow.  And she's managed to convince my grandfather (Mr. I-do-not-fly!) to come with her.  The kids don't yet know that O'pa is coming.  They will be thrilled--and maybe will forgive me for not getting to go to FL.

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