Sunday, December 26, 2010

It snowed a little bit earlier this week.  On Thurs Lil'Nathan and Joseph built a snow fort.  Lil'Nathan was very proud of his work.  Joseph liked to "sit" in it--see his feet? They built a snowman, too, but we have no picture of that.

Christmas Eve giggles:  Lil'Nathan took this video of Daddy and Charlie.  The giggling you hear is Charlie.  The comments are of Joseph (determined to join the show) and Lil'Nathan, who, at the end, notices the battery is very low.

Merry Christmas!!  We finally remembered to plug the lights in after all the gifts were opened.

And Charlie Bug, eating an orange.

And breaking the peel.  Oops.

Joseph got a very cool gift from Aunt Roberta.  See the delight?

See the gift?  He has been dubbed Sir Handsome Joseph.

Here he is battling the wicked Sir Wrench (who was also blessed with armor from Aunt Roberta.)

And here is Princess Mary... staying warm on the heating vent.  :)

My mom sent us a little DVD player.  The kids are watching Star of Christmas (VeggieTales) from my sister.  They were tickled to be able to watch a movie in the kitchen. (Shows, doesn't it?)  Charlie kept crawling in and trying to eat the cord.

 And do not fear, they had plenty to say.

Joseph (after opening the sword set):  "I never got such cool stuff before.  I always got boring stuff!"

And Mary (after Lil'Nathan joked about the misery of getting undershirts for Christmas):  "Well, I got underwear and that's worse!"

But, joy of joys--

Lil'Nathan:  "It's been a great day."  

And there it stayed.  No "but"s.  No "except"s.  Nothing.  He went to bed happy and content... and well supplied with LEGOs and logic games.  Ahhh... :)

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Becca said...

Sariah seemed to complain about every present she got, even the ones she loves to play with. She kept saying stuff like, "What?! I got one of these?" I think she really was just surprised, but it sounded like she was unhappy. Maybe she doesn't mean to whine all the time, maybe it just always sounds like she is. :)

So, what I mean is, I had to smile at your comment about Lil'Nathan and no "buts" or "excepts" about his great day.