Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We have a new "pet."  Meet Faustino, the coolest giraffe ever!  It's almost as tall as I am.  There is some dispute in the house as to its gender--Mary wants it to be a girl so she can call it Sparkle.  Nathan insists it lacks "baby snacks" and is therefore a boy, whom he calls BlackBand.  I told him it's missing something else, too, which would clear up the matter, but he insists baby giraffes don't have those.


I guess Charlie wasn't done eating, yet.  He's almost as good as a dog, though not as thorough.  He only eats the peas.

He zoomed over after he noticed me taking his picture.  Now seriously, how much cuter can you get?


Becca said...

Super duper cute and I love the giraffe story.

Melissa said...

Glad you found our blog, because now I've found yours! I am glad 'Faustino' found such a good home.