Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We went to the beach yesterday.  This is how Charlie arrived.  (Clean)

 Then we put him down.

By his foot you can sorta see his "turtle tracks."  He crawled everywhere.

Seriously, do you see the sand on this kid?

He ate a few handfuls.

The purpose of the green shovel was to dump sand on his head.

Boy, was he mad when we left!  He hadn't eaten all the sand yet--and there was still some clearly not yet stuck to his little body.  He wasn't done playing.


Sara said...

Too cute! Put a smile on my face reading this entry!

Becca said...

Did he get in his eyes? My babies always seem to do that and get really angry. Well, Sariah, just couldn't handle having dirty hands anyway and the sand at the beach really bothered her.

jrgile said...

Oh my....kind of reminds me of a sugar coated grape. :) Adorable at the very least! NOthing like sun and sand to make your day. :)

Lisa said...

Yes, he did get sand in his eyes, but didn't seem to mind. He only protested when we took him away from the sand. That was amazing to me, b/c my other kids HATED sand at that age.