Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some pictures from FL....

Mary and Joseph made use of the extra batting from the shopping cart covers I made for my sister.

Charlie and Jasmine--he was supposed to give her the spring in his other hand.  Instead, he just poked her.  Later (another day) he crawled around the house with her beloved spring and kept pretending to throw it.  She was careful to keep her distance from him, but as long as he had her spring, she didn't let him out of her sight.

Lil'Nathan got this stump out of my mom's backyard.  When he first came in and announced that he'd gotten it out, none of us believed him.

I have a similar photo of Joseph sitting under a high chair where my sister's daughter Katie is sitting, but this is Charlie and Sydney, Nathan's sister's daughter.

And now, Lil'Nathan's photos from Gatorland.  Meet Chester-the-Dog-Eater.  He was removed from a pond in a housing development b/c... well, his name kind of gives it away.

The playground, easily one of the day's highlights.

The other highlight of the day--tortoise petting.  This dude is about 100 yrs old.

And now for Disney.  The day was not too hot, but holy moly was it crowded!!  The crowds seemed to ease up around 2 or 3, thank goodness.

Happy baby.

Joseph's FAVORITE ride of the day--the carousel.  (He also rode Thunder Mountain.  He spent the entire ride yelling "I. HATE. THIS!!!!!" though occasionally he also shouted, "I'm going to throw up!")  Yes, he definitely preferred the carousel.

A shot of all the kids.  Hannah is in the stroller giving Mary "the stink eye."  Katie and Mary were best buds.

The People Mover--a big hit b/c there was no wait.

Katie and Joseph are only 4 mo apart in age.  They had a rough start when we first got to FL (Katie only referred to him as, "That boy in brown who hit me."), but they soon hit their stride and stayed friends.

Waiting to see the Princesses.  Aunt Roberta took them.  The boys weren't interested.

Mary is showing Cinderella her shoes.  Cinderella was very impressed.  Mary's shoes are one-of-a-kind, hand-painted originals.

While the rest of us were waiting to ride Dumbo, Lil'Nathan and Aunt Roberta saw the Philharmagic show.  It was one of Lil'Nathan's favorite things of the day.

Jasmine and Joseph.  I don't know why I put this in, but I think they both look funny.

Charlie and I slept on a mattress in the floor in the living room.  I woke up one morning and found him in the kitchen.

 A big 'ol family photo.  This photo shoot, taken on Charlie's 1st birthday, went much smoother than the one my mom had taken at Portrait Innovations the week before.  Hmmm... Maybe it was the presence of the daddies.  Or maybe the "threat" of cake.

Happy Birthday, Charlie!!

Don't worry, he got a haircut when we got home to MA.

"Daddy, read my card, please?"

Aunt Audree was our photographer for the day.  Here is Charlie helping her figure things out.

Adorable!!  With his birthday present.  (Yes, it's a broom and dustpan.  He loves to chew on them, and I think it best he has a clean one with which to do so, don't you?)

Right before we left, my mom and sister got a new kitten.  I think they finally settled on Max for his name.  The kids loved him, and he put up with them for the whole 24 hrs or so they were together.

And one more from General Conference. 

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Becca said...

Charlie is super, duper adorable!

Emily rode space mountain and shouted "I don't like this!" and "Mommy!" through the ride. Afterward she didn't trust us about any ride or show that we told her was not scary.