Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yesterday on the way home from the produce market, Nathan (Daddy) and Joseph took a fall.  Joseph was riding on Nathan's shoulders when the cart hit a pothole.  Nathan went over the cart and Joseph hit the pavement.  Nathan said he saw him go down, still on his shoulders, and saw and heard his head hit the pavement.  Joseph essentially hit the pavement on his forehead from more than 7 feet up in the air.

Nathan said he heard a thunk and was certain there would be blood, bruising, a cracked skull, whiplash, and a concussion.  A driving passerby stopped and asked if they were okay.  Nathan picked up the screaming Joseph and was totally baffled.

Angels must have been watching over him again.  Not a scratch.  No bruise.  No concussion.

He did break his collarbone, but in comparison to what could have--should have!--happened, that's really pretty minor.  (And this puts him in a long line of my family members who have broken their collarbones.  4th generation, and second after his brother.)

He was very sore yesterday, but we administered the standard 4 year old triage--donut, ice cream, and Pixar's Cars.  A few hours later he was most adamant that he did NOT need help carrying things and told me "I'm not a handicapped, you know."  He hates his "brace", refuses a sling, and only requests help getting his shirt on.

But, Nathan cannot figure out how he broke his collarbone from that angle of trajectory.

I don't know.  Maybe the angel dropped him on his side after catching his head?

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Becca said...

Phew! Glad his head is okay!