Friday, June 17, 2011

The Sunday of Memorial weekend Nathan found me in the hall at church and said, “You have been chosen.” The Bishop wanted to see me. I was surprised.  The ward secretary found us in the hall and said the Bishop actually wanted to see both of us. Ahh. Clearly, he wanted Nathan. Anytime they want to see both of us, it is because they want to give a calling to Nathan.

So we sat down in the Bishop's office and without warning, he said, “Mindy has been in her calling for a long time it's time for her to be released. In pondering and discussing over the past few weeks, we in the Bishopric, feel you are the ideal person for the job.” My response” “For what?”

Mindy was the Relief Society President.

I kept waiting for him to say, “for the job of teacher” or “secretary” or maybe even “a counselor.” The new president wanted me for something, right?

Ummm... No.

And he was serious.

Not even a little kidding.

He was totally surprised that I was in such a state of shock (and still remain so, actually). I knew I had to answer. Nathan said I really did respond with, “Are you serious?”

He was.

So, after a week of prayer (and disbelief), when no email to call it off came from the Bishop, I sent him a few names for counselors. When our names were presented for sustaining this past Sunday... I have never in my life come so close to fainting in church. I could feel the blood pounding in my ears, my head swirling, my knees weak. (And I heard a gasp behind me, but the Bishop insists that was all in my head.)

When I sat back down, Lil'Nathan looked at me and said, “You're the new Relief Society President?” Yes. “You need to warn me about these things.”

Tell me about it.


Melissa said...

You'll do great- Revere II is a lucky ward.

Sarah said...

Wow. You will do wonderfully, I'm sure! But yeah, I would cry. A lot. You should email Stephanie Kemp about her experience as rs prez (with young children) in Lebanon. Good luck! (not that you'll need it..). ;)

Becca said...

Oh. My. Goodness!!! Lisa! I know you'll be great as a RS President, but I also know it has probably already pushed you way out of your comfort zone and will keep you even busier. I get exhausted just thinking about. Keep praying! You'll make it through and it will get easier after a while.

I can't believe it took me a month to find this out! I guess I need to check your blog more often. For some reason it doesn't seem to update on my feed as well as it should.

Also, I'm sorry that I keep promising a letter, but never sending it. I'm not such a great friend right now. I hope that you can forgive me.