Thursday, March 29, 2012

My mother calls it "feast or famine" and "when it rains, it pours."  It seems like life goes in ebbs and flows, doesn't it?  Easy, calm, and quiet, and then WHAMMO! all kinds of stuff gets piled on you at once.  We're all okay, fear not, but our pace of life surely seems to have picked up in the past few weeks days.

We are reaching crunch time (again?) with the house.  We don't really want it and keep hoping all the necessary extensions will tick off the seller and prompt them to re-list the house.  (Promise, we aren't stalling on purpose for that reason, it really is out of our hands now.)

Why don't we want it?  That's another story--Nathan's job.  Things at his employment have gone from iffy, to downright rotten and all very quickly.  There's another possibility looming for him on the horizon and we want to take advantage of it.  That will be much easier to do without a house holding us here... and requiring monthly mortgage payments.

And of course, there are other considerations involved in taking this opportunity.  (More stress.)

Mary is going through a phase. Oh, I hope it's a phase.  She freaks out if she sees me sleeping.  "You look like you're dead," she sobs.  I don't know if the two friends of ours recently diagnosed with cancer have anything to do with this.  She loves to read hospital stories, but they don't always end well.  (She doesn't like those, but hasn't yet learned to skip to the end!)

Charlie is obsessed with a book called "I Want My Hat Back."  Fun story to read a few times... but not 10 or 12 times in a row.  He follows me around the house, "HAT! HAT! Read!"  He keeps pulling it from the library bag and slipping it on our bookshelf... with amazing stealth.  I've gotten to the library twice now without it, both times certain I had it.

Pinewood Derby is tomorrow night.  We have 3 cars ready to go.  Ice cream social to follow.  Who cares about the derby?  :)

Charlie turned 2 on Tuesday.  He thoroughly enjoyed his ice cream... and cake, but mostly the ice cream, which he called "cold" and kept asking for more of.  Moose Tracks.  Really, you can't blame him.

The baby is bouncy and seems to be growing just fine.  More than fine, actually.  I think I've doubled in size in the last two weeks.  I bought some T-shirts from the Salvation Army (I miss LISTEN) and some fabric from Joann's to make some maternity clothes.  My overalls make me look like an elephant and I wanted something cute.  Well, the first dress I made yesterday made my overalls look good.  A few (HA!) adjustments here and there and I may now have something that works.  Maybe not.  I haven't had courage yet to put it on and show Nathan.  But my skirt is good, and so are the altered t-shirts.  They are in this style.  Today I'll try this one.  I hacked the sleeves and neck off one of Mary's too small spandex-y type t-shirts and made a belly band, so now I can wear my non-maternity pants.  (Mary calls them "eternity" clothes.) 

Anyone care?

Sorry, no pictures again.  Next time, promise.  I just have to remember to take some.

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