Sunday, June 10, 2012

I don't remember what we did to him..., but I only found him b/c I noticed it was too quiet.

The NH Sheep and Wool Festival:  Alpaca Fest.

Joseph was determined to feed the alpacas, but they preferred to get their own.  Mary had better luck.


Charlie kept shouting to us about the "big puppy!!"  Yes, there were a lot of big "puppies" there that day.

Joseph hung around the sheep shearing station and collected bits and pieces of wool.  He managed to get enough to stuff a small pillow.  I still have to wash it, though.

Charlie soon got tired of his stroller.

At the beginning of May, the gas company started tearing up our road.  Not even rain could keep these two little boys away from the view.

Another day.  I found Charlie outside just like this.  Pay special attention to the hat--a newborn hat I was using for a pattern; he snuck off with it.  And yes, those are big boy underwear.

Before we planted the garden, we found Charlie digging in it one afternoon.  He would scoop up dirt with the snow shovel, put it on the big shovel, and then dump it. Yes, he spends a lot of time outside in just his skivvies. 

The boys had a Fathers' and Sons' campout this past Friday.  Fire, tree climbing, s'mores, friends, service project, canoeing on the lake... They had a great time.  Lil'Nathan's mood was temporarily spoiled when he found himself IN the lake after getting caught in a game of "King of the Dock" by some other kids, but he was better after coming home and having a warm shower and a bit 'o reading.  This trip determined that Lil'Nathan's tent is too small and he is shopping for a new one.  A sleeping bag, too.

No idea who these two guys are, but Lil'Nathan liked the view of the fire.
The service project was building the docks and getting the camp ready for Young Women's camp in July.
Joseph spent many weeks looking forward to a boat ride on the lake.  He seems happy, huh?

Charlie doesn't like being left out of school work.  He takes his very seriously.

And yes, we still have Mary.  She just didn't make it to too many pictures this time.

Forgive my lack of witty-ness.  Charlie keeps giving me "neck hugs" (is he trying to strangle me?), Nathan and Lil'Nathan are playing their penny whistles (no, not together, very differently--and Lil'Nathan keeps trying to "clean" his), Joseph keeps hollering for Daddy to pay attention to their game, or is trying to share a story with me, and Mary is peering over my shoulder (I hate hovering!)

You're lucky you got what you got.

: )

Ooh, here comes Charlie with a book....

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