Sunday, July 8, 2012

Did I worry anyone last week?  Sorry.  I was overheated and whiny.  I'm still overheated, but not nearly so whiny.

On Monday at my appointment with the midwife, I was a total crank.  No baby in sight, too hot, kids everywhere, and that blasted, stupid abdominal binder was making me feel fat, not pregnant.

Monday night the baby was sideways again.  I made the executive decision to take off and leave off the binder.  Excellent choice.  Instantly, I was happy again.  Cooler and not nearly so fat-feeling.  I felt pregnant and I like being pregnant (when I can feel a bouncy baby inside).  I figured there must be some reason it was not staying head down and I wasn't going to fight it anymore.  If I ended up needing a c-section b/c of a transverse baby or footling breech or short cord, so be it. The binder couldn't guarentee a vaginal birth and if I wore it for 3 weeks and then still had a c-section I would have been very depressed. Once I'd come to this conclusion, much of my (non heat related) stress melted away. 

The baby stayed sideways all night and most of the next day.  It went head-down Tuesday afternoon and has so stayed.  Maybe it was irritated by the binder, too.

I just found out we are inheriting another fish.  Alpha is his name, he's a blue betta.  He comes with plant named Omega3. 

And we have a mouse.  This one is not a pet.  It shall not be staying long.

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