Friday, October 18, 2013

Since we've moved in, there has been A LOT to do with the house.  We had Lowe's bring us a fridge (actually 2, b/c I hated the first one). We've had an electrician come in and advise.  We've had plumbers in a few times to save the bathroom and fix some wonky piping in the basement.  We've had gutter guys come and replace the gutters (twice, but we won't go into that).  We pulled out the tree in the front, so a tree guy came and ground the stump.  We've had mulch delivered.  We've had the chimney swept.  And lately we have had furnace people come to tell all about replacing the furnace and the duct work.

All of this has been great for the kids.  I think especially for Joseph and Charlie.  Charlie has a loooong list of things he will be getting when he grows up.  Top on the list is a "white car with funny music like Daddy's."  Also on the list is a bi-plane like the one we saw at the little local airport, a dump truck to deliver mulch, a very big vacuum like the chimney sweep's, a giant ladder, and a stump grinder.  He wants all these things (and there is more!) so he can be "wicked awesome" like the mulch guy... or the tree guy... or the chimney guy and "help people at their house."  Sweet kid, huh?

Joseph realized his dream job the other day.  He wants to be a chimney sweep.  Why, you ask?  Easy.  They had cool tools.  Cooler than the stump grinder?  No, but chimney sweeps get to do something tree guys don't.  They get to go on the roof.  Is there anything better for a climber?

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