Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sooo... We are supposed to be moving in two--yes, 2--weeks.  Here is some of what we've been doing to get ready.

--It was 55 degrees today.  I went outside and shoveled the snow off the area where I planted my crocuses, tulips, and daffodils.  There is no way the sun is going to melt that pile in time for me to see something of them poking out of the ground before we go without my help.  Meanwhile, Elisabeth investigated how much water her snow boots could hold by splashing in puddles.  (Note to self: get her galloshes.)

--Lil'Nathan ordered some sculpting balloons in preparation for the ward talent show next weekend.  Can you imagine how many balloon poodles, chihuahuas, snakes, and hats we have around the house?

--We had the home inspection done on the NH house.  And the fire dept. is coming tomorrow for the fire inspection of this house (a MA requirement).  So, progress is being made.

--I made a sweater for Hudson.  Maybe my most favorite sweater, yet.  It's awesome.  2 days.

--We are eating down the freezer and the cabinets.  I don't want to pack a lot of food this time, cans are heavy.  The kids are happy.  We had a 7 mo old apple strudel for dessert on Sunday.  :)

--This doesn't make sense when you realize I've just ordered a bunch of wheat and milk through our ward's upcoming cannery trip.  Food storage doesn't count as "moved food."  I'm a Mormon, I'm supposed to move a lot of wheat.

--Now I am working on a NICU hat.  It's cool it opens flat and buttons shut, to make it easy to keep wires in place.

--Notice still not working on the blanket.

--Notice, more importantly, not packing.

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