Sunday, March 2, 2014

Too much talking from me on the past few entries.  This time, some pictures.  :)  (Though none of the piano disassembly, b/c it went to new home last Tuesday.  They did have to take it apart, but it wasn't as interesting as it would have been had a hack saw been involved, so I left the camera alone and concentrated on silently praying that no one would end up with a broken toe and that the floors would remain intact.)

We'll start with Joseph's birthday. Lil'Nathan was the camera man, this is the best of the bunch.

He wanted you to see is awesome ice cream.  The cheese was not a part of dessert.

True to tradition, I couldn't find the candles.  He had to work fast b/c matches burn faster.

Opening Aunt Kathie's gift.

And Aunt Roberta's

Charlie and Elisabeth have started working together to defraud me of peas and corn during dinner prep.

These are some pictures Lil'Nathan took of our last snow storm--the very heavy, very beautiful one.


And here is Elisabeth getting ready to go out and come in play in the snow.

And my hat model.  I took these for the sewing blog, but they are too funny not to share.  "Pitty hat!"

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