Sunday, June 22, 2014

Our Gardens...
(These are already old, but you'll get the idea.  I'll make the pictures big for detail, even though they'll stick out of the border.)  :)

We planted the tree stumps b/c we couldn't dig them out.  I love it.


And between them we put the Japanese Maple, named Maiko.

We've changed the look of this, our Serenity Garden, a little.  The stones around the stump on the right now go all around and we've added stones around the other stump and the tree.  The stones around the tree have been filled in with... smaller stones.  It's lovely.  We've also added a little birdhouse the kids painted.  We still want to put stone all around the perimeter.  And I'm not yet sold on the ring of irises.

Also in the back are Mary's lettuces for her guinea pig.  They love it there.  :)  (The little spinach isn't doing too well, though.)

And this is our veggie garden.  Along the top tier are 7 tomato plants and three watermelons.  Level two is beans, eggplants, and pumpkins (along the fence).  Level 3 is squashes and another watermelon.  There are now kale plants in the 6 holes on the left and chard plants in the 6 on the right.  Oh, somewhere we've got 2 struggling beets, too.  Marigolds fill the other holes.

Along the side (where you'd be standing if you took the above picture) of this garden, is our herb garden--now also with straw.  Chocolate mint in the separate box, 4 basils, one parsley, one oregano, one dill, one bug geranium (planted by a helpful Charlie, but originally planned for elsewhere) and now a lemon balm where that "hole" is.

Now we go around front.  One of our flower "buckets."  See the little corn plants in the background.

 And this is a full view of the front of the house.  We had to get hangers to lengthen the hanging baskets b/c we couldn't reach them to water them.  :)  That's the flower bucket from the above photo.  You can barely see the little corns.  On the far left are two blueberry plants and a raspberry in the center (yes, in a container--and no thorns!).  The overgrown geraniums and irises may not still be there next  year.  Just sayin'.  (Under the stone wall, we put the drainage hose for the sump pump.  "Free" irrigation system!)

The herb and veggie garden on on the right of the driveway.  The Serenity Garden and lettuces are in the back of the house.

Oh, and the elephants from India are on the piano.

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