Sunday, July 6, 2014

If you are sick of hearing about the garden, skip this post...

We are going to make this look like a wishing well.  Or maybe we'll just plant it with flowers.  (It's hiding the top of the propane tank.)

Serenity Garden with the birdhouse.

Looking from the other direction.

A rock box, instead of a sand box.  Why?  We have cats in the neighborhood.  'nuff said.

Current view of garden.


I told Mary these beets would never survive.  She is delighted that I was proven wrong.

See my better scarecrow?  (Mary asks that you pay no attention to her in this photo, please.)

A peek inside our largest zucchini.  Now we just need some bees.

He's grown.  Must be all that good NH air.

My favorite flowers. 

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