Monday, September 8, 2014

 Photo Dump!

Proof we went camping.  Though, as you can see, the camera never left the car... and only Charlie took pictures.  
 See our lovely lean-to?  Our favorite site.  This allowed us all to sleep dry and tent-less on our last camp-out, despite the fairly heavy rain.


Don't know what Nathan did to tick off this bird, but it got him three days in a row.  Blueberries must be plentiful this year.

 I had just set this block down after carrying it from the back yard and who should happen to pop out and wonder what was happening to his lovely hiding place, but this "little" guy.

He stayed right there while Nathan carried his block back to the back yard.

Our friend brings in peaches to sell at her farm stand.  Peach prices for friends included the box.  I now have three new bookshelves.  :)

When we moved in the stairs were... well, recently stripped of their carpet and looked it.  So, Nathan desired to finish them.  We had different ideas of what this meant, but as he was the one doing it, it went his way.  First to stain them black (my first clue things were not heading in the direction I was imagining).  Second, paint the faces white.  (Joseph says they remind him of piano keys.  Mary claims they look like ice cream sandwiches.)

 Third, cut out letters and decoupage.  (At least, I think that's what it's called.)  We settled on the 6 characteristics Nathan put into our family Coat of Arms--Charity, Hope, Faith, Unity, Integrity, and Courage.

 Embellish with fall foliage stickers, cover with polyurethane, and viola!  Beautiful stairs.

And I've been busy making hats of all sizes.  This is my total from the past two weeks.  All the crocheted ones on the right were done in 2 days.  Wicked easy pattern.  :)

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