Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Let us begin with a quick review of the lovely trip to Acadia and Bar Harbor that Nathan and I took in June.

We began with a 5am run (ahem, in the car) to the top of Mt.Cadillac to be the first in the east to see the sunrise.  Cold and windy, but we had lots of company.  Very quiet.  Very pretty.

Then, it being Sunday, we went back "home" and slept for 2 hours before getting up and heading to church.  Afterwards, we went walking along the trails around the ocean in Acadia.

Day 2 was a walking tour of Bar Harbor and the surrounding beach areas.  And a little shopping.  And a little seafood.  (Not a fan of crab cakes, but Nathan's fish and chips were very yummy.)

our only encounter with a whale

(humidity hair!)
Day 3 was biking along the beautiful carriage trails throughout Acadia.  It was drizzly most of the day and then rained hard.  Needless to say, we pretty much had the trails to ourselves!

and then we went for dinner... where we warmed up with hot chocolate and dried out with the ceiling heaters!

Day 4 was more touring of the town and final shopping.  No whale watch was to be had, so what else was there to do but to buy yarn to commemorate our trip?

'My souvenirs from Maine.  :)' 

 Of course, we did more touring, too.  We walked to an island that is only accessible at low tide.  We drove around to the "other side" of Mt Desert Island.  We walked around a gorgeous flower garden.  We visited a lighthouse. 


The last day we kayaked.  And, since it was the MOST gorgeous of all our days in Acadia, we went back into the park and saw all our previous sights again... without the fog.  Some of the following pictures are of the same sights as above.

(this one was up on biking day, covered in fog)

did you find it's mate above?

And then, as we were walking back to our car to head back to our cabin for the last time, we saw this...

How poetical to begin with the sunrise and end with the sunset, ain't it?  And all that water you
 are looking at.  Yeah, that's what we walked across at low tide the day before (though the island we went to is to the right and not in the photo).

Such a great trip.

Who wants to go next year?

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Becca said...

What fun! And gorgeous too.