Monday, July 28, 2008

My Sweetheart is home. He arrived late on Fri night and our trip to and from the airport was uneventful. His mom decided to leave a few days early, so I had all the kids with me. Joseph was asleep as planned and Lil'Nathan read (Henry and the Paper Route, by Beverly Clearly) all the way down. Mary brought along a whole bag of stuff to stay busy... and was asleep almost before we hit the highway! Logan is a HUGE airport, like a small city. I got horribly lost in Revere, MA when I dropped him off, thankfully that was during the day. But like I said, our night time trip was uneventful. He learned a lot in Chicago and met lots of others in the same boat--second career, mid-30's, with families, battling student loans, and worrying about where to stay for the 10-wk on site clinical in Chicago in Jan.

So, now we really begin. The classes for Nathan start next Monday and he's planning to keep his 40 hr job during the day. He'll do his studies from 8-12 at night. This means I'll get lots of reading, knitting, and sewing done. :) No sleeping, but that's nothing new.

Also this week we need to turn in our letter of intent for homeschooling. It looks like we will go through a private school in Sommersworth, NH for our participating agency. They were given very high recommendations by several people I spoke with and read from. Basically, they are serving as the record keeper and I won't need to deal with the school district in any way. Lil'Nathan will also be able to take field trips and participate in music and sports through them. Well, he could. We live about an hour from them, so I don't know how much he actually will. I think I'll also start kindergarten with Mary. I won't officially enroll her, though, b/c she's got a Nov birthday and isn't really kindergarten age until next year. Some states have a special program for kids in her boat, but not NH. Kindergarten here isn't even mandatory, so I guess I don't have to really worry about it next year either, do I? But, since she wants to read, and since she has to do everything her brother does...

I also spoke with a new friend at church (actually, I'm newish in our ward, so any friends would be new friends for me). She homeschools her 4 kids using a modified Classical approach. Classical is my Sweetheart's favorite. I like the Core Knowledge series. I think they are close enough that I'm not going to worry about it. But anyway, this new friend said she'd send me links to (of course) blogs with lesson plans. Yay! Plus, her daughter and Mary are in the same Primary class and she wants to get them together for play. Mary is thrilled. She's never had her own "play date" before, she's always just wormed in on her brother's.

Tonight for dinner we are having avocado and tomato sandwiches on homemade pitas. On, not in. In is too messy. And actually, I'm the only one having that. Nathan doesn't eat tomatoes. He does avocados and cottage cheese. Mary doesn't eat avocados. She has tomato and cheese. Lil'Nathan only eats cheese on his--no mayo even! As for Joseph, he'll eat whatever I put on mine, but only if it IS mine. The same sandwich on his own plate is simply not palatable. It's only good for a projectile (and a messy one at that).

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