Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Sweetheart is leaving tomorrow for Chicago. He'll be gone for a week for orientation in Northwestern's Orthotic's program. He'll be taking the computer. I get to keep the digital camera. His mom is here to visit with the kids and keep me company. We'll head up to Lebanon on Wed to visit with friends, pick blueberries, go shopping, and hit the Hanover Farmer's Market where a friend of mine has her own stand (and a first year organic farm!)

Here are some pictures of the kids from this past week. We finally celebrated Lil'Nathan's birthday. He wanted a rainbow coconut cake. Joseph is just being cute. Mary had her face painted at the Concord Street Festival we stumbled into on Saturday. Also you'll see Lil'Nathan's new fish,purchased entirely on his own with his birthday money--Goldy and Blate, two "very smart and friendly" betta fish.

Oh, and here is a quip from my rather blunt little daughter. Tonight during dinner she turned to her Gramma and said, "You're having beans. You'll get gas and then we can stink together!" Nice.

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