Friday, September 26, 2008

The LEAP (unschooling) co-op was wonderful! It was almost everything I'd hoped and the kids had a blast. Joseph discovered the joy of a trampoline and spent a lot of the time poking in the dye buckets with sticks. Nathan and Mary were just two more in a throng of 7-ish boys and 5-ish girls and spent the day jumping, running, and yelling. Mary showed a few adults how to finger knit and Joseph climbed a stairwell to an over the garage apartment in such record time that none of us spotted him until he was on top!

It's too far to go weekly, but I definitely want to keep up in that group. We mom's discussed things like cloth diapers, raw milk, felting wool, and other such topics that "normal" people don't discuss. It was so nice. ;)

On Wed night I took Lil'Nathan and Joseph up to Concord for Chess Club. Joseph slept through most of it (!) and Lil'Nathan was delighted to play with other kids. It was a small group that night, so one of his games had to be against me. We rushed through it when Joseph woke up and started removing, replacing, and playing airplane with our peices. Lil'Nathan lost all three games he played and begged to be able to go back next time.

Mary went with Daddy to Home Depot and Scouts and learned some knot tying and rope twisting. When we got home, she was folded in half on Daddy's lap sound asleep. Nathan was listening to the President's speech on the economy. Apparently that didn't much thrill her, he said she was out in less than 5 mins.

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