Sunday, September 28, 2008

Funny things heard at church today: They were playing a game in Primary called, "Are you as smart as a Sunbeam?" One question was "Where did you live before you were born?" Best answer: "North Carolina!"(which was where this boy was born, so he was right.) "Which part of your body do you need to sit reverently in Primary?" Best answer: "Your bum!"

In other news, we just found out Pizza Hut is offering a reading program with coupons for free personal pizzas. That was very wonderful for Lil'Nathan to hear. "I like pizza and I like to read!" He couldn't find any new Box Car Children books at our library, but did check out Tom Sawyer and the Black Pearl.

Mary is talking to her Gramma now. She was telling her about our move up to NH from FL. "It was really hard for us b/c we had to eat white bread. That's all they had at the gas station." A minute later I hear, "O'ma and O'pa are really old, really old, just like you guys."

Joseph is rapidly picking up new words. He now regularly uses away ("way"), baby ("b b"), I won ("I un!"), bad bug ("ba buh!"), excuse me ("mit meee" when he needs you to move or when he burps!), and of course the kids' names ("may" and "Nay nay"). I can't believe how big he is getting. He also has figured out that the telephone is more fun if you make noises at the noises coming from the other end, rather than just smiling at it.

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Stephanie said...

Hey Lisa! Just found your blog!! I love reading about your life happenings and what's going on with you just a few miles south of us! I'm listing you on my blog today so I can stalk you a little easier! So good to see your cute little kids.