Sunday, October 26, 2008

Grandma seems to be doing better. They gave her a lot of blood and found and fixed two ulcers. If she can keep her blood count up, they will send her home around mid-week. Yea! I still need to call her tonight.

We went to the Temple yesterday. It was so nice and peaceful. The weather was spectacular and even though we went down by way of the Bishop's Storehouse in Worcester, we didn't even get lost. :) Now we have enough wheat and oats to get us through until we get back from Chicago.

And b/c I was able to place the order for 2 cases of Old Cape Cod Oyster crackers, Joseph won't starve, either.

We have been reading Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites. What a great book. The kids' interest is usually held by it, but I think Nathan is reading it more for his and my enjoyment sometimes. It's nice to find a good, clean book. I've got Trouble in Palmyra from the Time Travelers in Church History series coming in any day, too. But I don't know much about that one.

Ward Trunk or Treat party is on Wed. We'll carve our pumpkins that afternoon so they don't go bad. When we get home I'll cook them up. We don't have the freezer space for pumpkin bread, but I'm sure we could manage to eat a pie or two out of them. ;) I also volunteered to bring a soup to the dinner. Mary wants to dress up as a truck, Lil'Nathan as a detective. I'm thinking of going as a tired mommy, complete with mismatched clothes and curlers. I've got one pair of pants that my kids hate. They call them my "GG pants" b/c they remind them of something my mother has. They are orange and purple stripes. Last week I wore them with an oversized blue checkered shirt. Hmm... maybe I'll go as a clown.

We spotted a friend from Lebanon in our ward today. It was so nice to see her again. (Kara) She was there for a meeting with the stake relief society president, but I think she also came to make my day, though I'm sure she didn't know that was the real reason.

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