Friday, October 17, 2008

Here are some pictures from our weekend with Brian and Audrey. There are (literally) hundreds more, but these are the ones I could get to easily. Nathan got a huge kick out of this. It was outside a restaurant just off the Freedom Trail.

Brian and Nathan wrestling in the background. In the foreground you see Joseph running away, laughing (it's really worth it to zoom in on his face)... and looking far too grown up. He never quite seemed sure what to make of Brian during their visit. He would laugh at Brian's growling monster, but only if he were within easy reach of Mommy or Daddy.

This is, of course, the reason we moved to NH. Gorgeous, isn't it? After we got here we found hundreds of other wonderful things about New England, but this is still one of the best.

We found a dead crab on the beach and some fish eggs, too. Brian tried to convince the kids he was going to eat them, but they didn't buy it. Daddy got to play with Brian and Audrey's lovely camera and as a result, we've got some wonderful pictures of the crab and eggs. And I got some fun pictures of him having fun.

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