Monday, October 20, 2008

Good morning all! Yesterday we had our Primary Program for Sacrament meeting. This is the smallest Primary I've ever been in, so each child had 2 parts. Even Joseph had a small part, as both Nathan and I were on the stand with the Sunbeams/CTR 5 class. He entertained--fighting with one of the kids over the right to sit next to his Daddy... Licking the stand during a song... Playing the piano during the organ prelude music...

The Primary President just smiled and said that he's going to be a novice by the time he has a speaking role in 2 years.

But, the "star of the show" was a little boy who announced that he can "be like Jesus by folding his arms reverently during church and on Sundays playing Jesus videogames...I mean thinking about Jesus when I play videogames." He later confided in Nathan (he's in our class) that he really can't play videogames on Sunday, but he was just saying that.

Today in school we are going to finish up Rome. The kids did mosaics with torn paper on Friday. Mary threw hers away when she finished b/c she didn't like it. Nathanwas frustrated b/c all the papers were not uniform in size, thereby making the construction of a checkerboard difficult. I think we'll also read about Pandas today, since the books are due this week.

Which reminds me, I did it again. One day late with a bunch of books. Thank goodness not so many this time, but it's still frustrating. I think I should resolve to check daily.

I have volunteered myself to start an Associated Buyer club. Another mom has volunteered her house for delivery. I don't know if there's enough interest to really do it, but there was enough to investigate. I'm desperately in need of crackers. They are the mainstay of Joseph's diet.

We've finally closed the windows at night. It got pretty cold a few nights this week. I need to do something with the plants. They are all hanging outside b/c there is not enough light in the house, and there is really no place to put them. They won't be able to survive out there much longer though.

Joseph has picked up a new phrase: "I do." Yes, he has entered the stage where he must do everything himself--opening the door, zipping his jacket, pouring his milk, everything. He also has started cupping his hands over his mouth and yelling "ooh, hoo!" when he wants your attention. The screaching hasn't stopped, either, usually when he is denied the "I do" demand. The kids, Nathan especially, seem to take great delight in provoking him. Very, very loud.


Becca said...

Thanks for reminding me to renew my stack of library books!

bakingchica said...

Well, I'm glad it served some purpose. :)