Sunday, November 23, 2008

We are currently trying to find out if the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial will be having their annual Christmas "pageant" this year. It's so far from where we are this year that I don't know if we'd be able to go, but I'd like to know all the same.

Joseph did not nap today and hyperventilated when I left him in Nursery. Later, after he started jumping off the chair and chasing the kids in our CTR5 class, Daddy dropped him off again in Nursery and he was perfectly fine. Guess who will be dropping him off next time.

Mary is thrilled with her new doll. (She used her birthday money to buy an American Girl doll on Ebay.) She has named her Molly Joseph. No, I don't know why, but she's adamant about including the Joseph part when she introduces her to anyone. I spent every evening the week before her arrival making clothes for her. Most are a little tight. (I used a vintage pattern. I guess 18" was different then.) Fortunately, they weren't all done when she arrived, so the second half had smaller seams and fits a little better. We three ladies even have matching aprons. Spiffy, huh?

Lil'Nathan cashed in his Pizza Hut reading challenge coupon for a personal pan pizza on Fri. He was in heaven (pizza!!) and so pleased with himself. Mary looked so heartbroken (the program doesn't accept homeschooled kindergarteners and I didn't know it until I'd filled everything out and submitted) but she didn't say a word. Needless to say, we left with two little pizzas and two happy kids. Joseph slept while they were eating and so remained blissfully unaware.

I've maxed out all three of our library cards. The last librarian even overrode the limit on mine by 5 and Mary's by three b/c I threatened to get a library card for Joseph if I needed to. I think she just wanted us out--it was naptime for a crabby 2 yr old who kept trying to climb my leg shrieking "snack, snack!" We have quite a pile of books now. And when we came home I thought of a couple we'd forgotten. Oh, well. Next time.

Joseph and Daddy are playing on the floor. Joseph keeps injuring himself with the toy, stopping the game, and kissing his own boo-boos. It's really rather funny.

My mom finished and mailed my advent calendar this weekend. She made one more than twenty years ago and all three of us girls loved it. We always fought over who's day it was to flip, each had our own favorite days, and all three vowed we'd get it one day. So, about two years ago my mom photo copied it and began to reproduce it in triplicate. She finished mine and my sister's and we get them this year for our birthday/ anniversary/ and Christmas presents. (My youngest sister is still home, so she has access to the original still.) It should be here tomorrow and I can't wait to see it. I know it was a lot of work for her (she called tonight to tell me that her fingers were swollen and still sore from sewing on the 50 hooks and eyes)... she even made the #13 donkey upside down just like the original. But she couldn't remember if my #24 Joseph was green or not. We'll see. I'll post a picture when it arrives.

Well, we got a sub to cover our class next week, so we get to go to church in Lebanon. Probably both wards. It'll be a long day, but I am so excited. :) The kids are, too. We'll bring lunch and dinner and get to see so many friends. I'm only bummed that I won't get to go to the Co-op for some evergreen branches for wreath-making since it will be Sunday.

Only 5 1/2 weeks left and we'll be off to Chicago. Hardly seems possible that just a year ago we were freshly in FL and still not sure how things would all work together. We only knew that we were doing what was right, this was where we needed to be, and everything would work out. And, so far, it has. The next big thing is securing the residency. Wish us luck with that. Though, like everything else, as long as we do our part, everything will work out right. Even if "right" doesn't match what we foresee now.

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Stephanie said...

You are coming to church up here? Yeah!!!!!! Let us know what your plans are. The Joseph Smith Memorial Lighting Ceremony is taking place--I'll find out a time for you.