Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I've got to tell ya, I'm a little bummed out right now. I'm sitting here watching the snow fall and I know it won't amount to more than an inch or so. And worse than that, there's no place to play in it. I made the mistake of checking the weather in Manchester. Should not have done that. They are expecting 8-10 inches by the end of today. Heavy snowfall. And oh, what a lovely patch of play area we had just outside the door!

I know some people don't like the snow. I know it is NOT fun to drive in, or to shovel when you have a lot of it. But, we like it. We missed a NH record snowfall last year b/c we were melting in FL. This year we got some good snow before we left and we were comforted to know that Chicago also has snow so we'd have it when we got here. Well, for all the news reports of blizzards in this area... they make the news, but fail to show up. (And that's hardly newsworthy.) So, we are feeling a little snow deprived.

And add to that my "wonderings" about Nathan's residency. Still waiting. He had two interviews in Boston before we left, but no word from them yet. He has an interview next Tuesday in Portland, and they promised to let us know by the end of Feb. Two other companies will make their decisions by the end of Feb, so at least we'll know something in about 4 weeks, I guess. We want so much to be able to return to New England, but are we going to Portland? Or Texas?

I hate waiting. There's nothing I can do about either.

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