Sunday, January 25, 2009

More from my funny kids:

At church today, a little 2 yr old girl made friends with Mary. Joseph punched her twice in the arm and then gave her a hug. The little girl didn't mind the punches, but wanted nothing to do with that hug. Mary soothed her by saying, "He's my brother. I'm sorry. He's a boy."

Nathan dropped Joseph in Nursery today and told them, "He's going to scream, and he's loud." He told them we'd be in the marriage class. They assured him they were used to it and not to worry. About 5 mins after class started, a woman opened the door of our class with a little Joseph, who was gulping in deep breaths. She said, "He screamed for 5 straight minutes, and only calmed down when we stepped into the hall." Nathan handed him to me, he nursed for 2 mins and then slept for the next two hours.

I guess we'll try again next week? If they'll have us...

This week we are going to try a new schedule. Nathan is going to go down to school on the early bus (5 am!) and then try studying in the morning. That way, when he gets home, he can relax and maybe get to bed early, rather than trying to study at night. We'll see how it goes. He did something similar when we were in FL and it seemed to work well.

Lil'Nathan finished The Hobbit this weekend. We "ordered" the movie from the library, and while he is waiting for it to come in, he has started The Lord of the Rings series. Even I've never read those, maybe he'll let me at them when he is done.

Joseph will be 2 in just a couple of weeks. We are all excited... we are getting ice cream!

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