Friday, January 9, 2009

Nathan is studying innervations of the arm for his last exam tomorrow. Then he will have a week off to play. We plan to museum hop--many are free during certain days of the week this month. The kids are only excited about riding the train into the city.

Lil'Nathan just finished Harry Potter #3. He liked it, but I think he missed a lot of the story. He's decided to read it again tonight. That one was my favorite, but I was a little hesitant about letting him read it. #1 and #2 seemed pretty harmless, but this one with its theme of betrayal... sigh. I don't know. In the end I gave in, but I don't know if I'll let him go further right now.

Joseph is taking apart a set of headphones. He's all dressed and ready for bed... so of course he also just, um, shall we say, made necessary a diaper change. I can't wait for him to finish with these eye teeth--maybe then he'll sleep instead of nursing all night.

This afternoon when the kids and I got home from grocery shopping we loaded all of our stuff in the elevator and stopped on the first floor to get the mail. Lil'Nathan and Joseph ran out and I turned to grab the groceries... and the doors slammed shut, leaving Mary and I inside and the boys outside. I quickly hit the "door open" button, but it was no use. We began zooming up. I pushed floor 2, then 3, but no. It was headed for the top. It stopped on our floor, so we threw out the groceries and tried to go down again, but it wouldn't. We ran out and headed for the stairwell. All the way down (8 flights) I kept urging Mary to hurry. She kept begging me to slow down. By the time we hit the third floor I could hear Joseph wailing. When we finally emerged on floor #1, Lil'Nathan was still standing by the elevator holding his grocery bag in one hand and the back of Joseph's coat with the other. Joseph was sprawled out on the floor howling.


Tomorrow I'm taking another trip to the library. I went with just the three kids on Wed. To put it mildly, Joseph was a handful. He wouldn't hold still for 30 seconds together (try finding anything on the catalog, let alone on the shelves of a new library with that window of opportunity!), and if he did hold still it was only to grab at my shirt and yell "SNACK!!" Finally we just plunked down in a corner and he nursed to sleep. Then I started pulling picture books off the shelves and handing them to the kids until they could hold no more. Then with out three loads (their books and my sleeping lump) we checked out and went home. So, tomorrow Joseph stays with Daddy. I have books to find!

Okay, the aforementioned little stinker is... stinky. And he's way past bedtime. G'night.

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Becca said...

I'm reading Harry Potter #3 right now. We listened to the first two on tape in the car, but the second one had some pretty scary bits for Sariah to listen to, and Emily has started having nightmares. I have to wonder if it is related to that book. So, I decided to read on on my own so I could know better when it would be right to let her read more. She keeps begging me to read #3 to her or let her take #3 to bed with her, though.