Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I should have been happy with Joseph nursing all night. Instead, he spent the night throwing up. Then it was my turn. Friday night was not fun. All day Sat we rested, and he continued to be sick. He and I stayed home from church on Sunday, but that night he got sick again. Sunday night also brought the bug to Nathan in full force (he'd finished his exam just before midnight) and he remained wiped out all day Monday. Monday morning Lil'Nathan got hit with a small dose of it, and it bothered him on and off throughout the day. I felt better enough to venture out with Mary and we bought a few comforts "for our boys" at Target. (Lovely things like new toothbrushes, bottled water, and orange juice. We also splurged on a couple of games since it looks like we'll be spending our week vacation inside recovering.)

As of last night Lil'Nathan was mostly better, Nathan was not feeling well enough to sleep, and Joseph was still throwing up. (So we watched Pride and Prejudice in full!) I've got a call in to the pediatrician's office now, but since we are nearly 1,100 mi away, I'm hoping for a "continue to watch and wait" response. I don't know what I'd do if she said to bring him in!

(He hasn't throw up since around midnight, and has nursed a few times since then. He seems tired but not really listless. He just yelled at and pushed Mary, for example. He is not very dehydrated, since he is still drooling with those eye teeth, though he isn't going potty quite so much as usual. I don't know what to do. Maybe he's finally kicking it. But he's gone several hours between vomit sessions before and I've thought the same thing only to have another huge load of laundry suddenly need washing.)

Lil'Nathan is studying the map and area attractions guide. He is desperate to get out of the house and on a train. Poor kid.

In other news....

Nathan brought home the news on Sunday that the Temple's damage was so extensive they are going to be closed through March. Can you believe it? Here we sit 10 miles from a Temple and we can't go. (Though I did learn this week that there is no clothing rental at the Chicago Temple. We left our Temple clothes in Manchester, figuring that we could rent them while we were here! That would not have been possible and then what would we have done?) The stake is organizing a bus trip to the Nauvoo Temple at the end of the month, but it's $30/seat. We'd need 5 seats. It's a five hour drive. We were toying with going down this week, staying in a cabin ($55 during the winter season!) and visiting the city and the Temple (they have a clothing rental!), but that's not going to happen now. Even if we weren't all sick, there are a couple of storms getting ready to slam us and who wants to be out driving in that? We still plan to go to Nauvoo (and Carthage) but will have to postpone it for another weekend or else go right after graduation at the end of March.

And the Relief Society President called yesterday to say she missed me at church and has a visiting teaching assignment for me. She said the ward lost so many students at the end of last year that they were seriously short-handed. The Bishop asked everyone to fast and pray for new arrivals... and since then they've had more move-ins than she's seen in her 43 years here. The Bishop told here the new people were not brought here only by their prayers, but more importantly for a purpose of his own. We were the last to arrive and she is very curious to see what our purpose shall be. :) Me, too.

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