Wednesday, February 11, 2009

First, some recent pictures of the kids: Nathan and Mary yesterday at the birthday party, Joseph a few days ago.

And here's our really cool looking chapel.

And our apartment building.

My little helper, first vacuuming, then helping peel carrots for dinner.

And finally, our birthday boy! Joseph turned 2 yesterday. He must have had fun, b/c instead of sleeping last night (sugar rush?) he just sat on Daddy's lap and sang "Hap JoJo." He especially liked the bubbles and the wagon--which, in his sleeplessness, he learned how to operate like a wheelchair. (Said wagon is causing many disputes this morning.)

And just for the record, the ice cream sandwiches were pretty good! He kept opening the freezer after the party to blow on the leftover ones. Who needs candles?

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