Sunday, February 8, 2009

As usual, Joseph nursed and slept through Sunday school and Relief Society today. So, as usual, he won't go to bed now. He's running around, coloring, and reading books. He keeps popping into the kids' room and yelling, "Night!"

Tomorrow is Mary's library class. We also have to go to Food 4 Less (they have one here--Provo flashbacks!) and get some oatmeal. Ours is nearly gone and the cannery only sells by appointment and is booked until May! It's on sale at Food 4 Less until Tues. This way, too I can mail the book for Nathan's grandfather, which we intended to mail on Fri.

Nathan is all set to go to Boston on Thursday. They sent his itinerary and ticket confirmation by email earlier this week. He spoke with the director of his program here at NUPOC, who told him not to discount MI. He knows the owner and said if Nathan wants to do pediatrics then this is the place to learn to do it right. MI wanted him to visit next Mon, but he can't get off from school. They compromised on Thursday the 19th. So, we will all head up and he can drop us off at the local library. We'll explore and get a feel for the area, he can do the same with the practice. It's all so... interesting.

And to make things more interesting... Nathan had his interview with Portland, OR on Tues. They told him they'd let everyone know by the end of the month. On Fri night they called to offer him the job! He was so surprised that he couldn't think of what to say. The director said to think about it over the weekend and call back on Tues. So, after we discussed and deliberated all night Fri, much of yesterday, and he received a blessing today, we have decided to.... ask for more time. :) There are so many variables out there that we can't decide anything for sure until we know how Boston (and even MI) will turn out.

Here's to next weekend. At least we'll know something about Boston by then. It's driving me crazy not knowing what's going to happen. Where are we going to end up? When will we know? How will it turn out? And on and on. Boston up. MI up. Then to throw in Portland, totally unexpectedly...! The only way I am managing to keep my sanity through this is to remind myself that they are all good options. We can be happy either way. "It's all good."

Nathan is falling asleep reading to Joseph. Just like the older two, Joseph is holding daddy's head, trying to point him to the book saying, "Daddy! Read!" Daddy is not responding. Now Joseph has taken the book and is doing it himself. Apparently, "bike" is written on every page. :)

I wonder if he'll ever sleep tonight. It just seems like such an easy way to get through church... but oh the consequences that hit later!


The Blake's said...

It sounds like an exciting time in your life!

Sara said...

Good luck with everything!