Monday, February 2, 2009

A Library Adventure

One word: Joseph.

Mary went into her class a few minutes early to help set up, and the other two and I started chatting with a group of friends from church. Some of them were there for the "baby" group that had just let out and some had kids in Mary's group. Anyway, as we were chatting, Joseph wandered over to the baby corner, not 3 feet away. I thought he'd look at books, like all the other toddlers in there. No. He started to climb the walls. Now why they made the walls of the kiddie corner out of blocks and rungs, I'll never guess. So, yes, he was literally climbing the walls. As I tried to remove him, "this is a library, not a jungle gym!" he started swinging on one of the higher bars. "Ma, wook. Wing!" Great. We finally had to move completely away, b/c he was like velcro. As soon as I set him down, he zipped back up.

No one else's child apparently had thought of that. Ever. Go figure.

But our Joseph adventures were not over. Oh no, not quite.

We were standing at the counter to check out, and Joseph remained behind at the beginning of the line, swinging from the handrail. I was able to see him out of the corner of my eye, so thought nothing of it. As I was stuffing books into our bag, a lady stepped out of line and caught my attention. "Is he yours?" Yes. "I think he's having some trouble." I saw him struggling with his boot and smiled, thinking he'd gotten it caught in the railing/fence. But it wasn't his boot he was tugging on. It was his pants. They were down around his knees. And his little bare bottom was mooning everyone behind him! I knew instantly what had happened and was suddenly grateful for those boots. He'd wet his pants (despite 2 trips to the potty already) and was trying to take off his wet pants. If not for those boots he'd have been stark naked!

We went home after that.

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