Thursday, February 26, 2009

This morning an email came through our apartment building list that said a blender had been stolen and the owner wanted it back, no questions asked. Apparently it was her birthday present and she was quite upset.

I called the office and asked them if the blender we found just outside the trash room six weeks ago was the blender in question. Yes, he thought it might be. I guess that makes us blender thieves.

So we dropped it off at the office and if it's not the same blender, he'll call us. He laughed. I laughed. You don't leave a birthday present by the trash room for several hours and then wait 6 weeks to report it. So, I guess it's possible it's not the same blender... but really, how many blenders go missing in this building?

And for all who have been awaiting an update on our residency adventure....

We are going to Grand Rapids, MI. It's beautiful there, it sounds like a really nice place to live, we can afford a house, the schools where we'll be are some of the best in the state, Nathan would work only 40-45 hours a week, and he would learn from the best in the field--pediatric lower limb orthotics. All in all, we couldn't choose any other way.

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Becca said...

I'm laughing at the Maryism in the sidebar. She seems to have acquired your witty sense of humor, whether she knows it or not!