Monday, February 23, 2009

My hair looked really good yesterday. I should have known what that meant. Just as we were getting ready to (get ready to) leave for Church...Joseph threw up on me. He'd had a slight fever since Sat afternoon, but after throwing up it skyrocketed. We don't have a thermometer (does that make us negligent parents?) so we were just guessing, but I know it was high. After he threw up the second time (everyone else went to church) I had all the fun of forcing some Motrin into him. That helped him sleep and his temp went down. But, by evening, though there was no more vomit (thank goodness) he was really hot. Really hot. We aren't big on medicine in this house, but I thought he needed to cool down a bit, so we tried to give him some more Motrin. Bad idea. He was so upset that he threw up again. So, instead, I just took him to bed with us and monitored him. His whole little body was red and hot. His eyes were bright, he wasn't sleeping and he didn't want to nurse. At 2 am I started getting worried and we put him in a lukewarm bath. He wouldn't walk and complained that his legs and neck hurt. He mostly whimpered in the tub when we poured the water over him. Then we decided to put the Motrin in some OJ and try giving it to him that way. He wasn't fooled, but drank it a little at a time when I threatened him with the real Motrin bottle. In the end he started rinsing his mouth with the OJ and spitting it in the tub! So, we forced some straight Motrin into him. He was furious, but kept it in there. When we took him out of the tub he was much cooler and just before 3 am he was totally back to normal temp. This morning he seemed rather cold, hands like ice. But now he seems to be warming up a bit again.

It's hard for me to tell, really, b/c now I have a nice toasty fever.

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Becca said...

Yikes! That is no fun. I hope you all get better quickly.