Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tomorrow is the big day. We are off to Grand Rapids, MI to check things out. Nathan keeps telling me to relax, not to worry. I can't help it. In my mind I've framed things out in such a way that there is A LOT riding on this visit. If he hates the office or his potential co-workers... well, I'm going to be more than a little bummed out. In case he likes it we think it would be good if someone (me) could scope out the area and make sure it's someplace we'd like to stay for a while. So, while he is in the office for his interview, the kids and I are going to drive around for a while (read: probably get lost) and then visit the local museums. Gerald Ford is from there, ya know. And someone not too far out of town is selling a Pampered Chef stoneware crock for only $5. I'm sorry to say that the chopper is already gone. :(

Oh, and just to amuse all of you, I thought you'd find it amusing to note that for breakfast this morning Joseph had cold spaghetti and dry oatmeal with OJ on top.


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Becca said...

Mmmm, dry oatmeal with OJ. My favorite!