Thursday, March 26, 2009

Joseph likes to climb up and straddle the arm of the couch. He then mimics putting on a helmet and yells "Mo-hykee! Brrm, brrm, beep-beep!" Sometimes it's the couch. Sometimes the edge of the bathtub. Yesterday he pushed two dining room chairs back-to-back and sat where they joined!

Whenever we go for a walk, he points out every (and I do mean every!) bicycle that passes or that we pass. If he is not in his stroller, he runs over and tries to get on one. Any one. He's not fussy. He always insists, "JoJo bike, yes."

Last weekend when we were walking, he saw a guy running. The guy was wearing jogging shorts, sneakers, and an I-pod. My discreet little boy yelled, "Ma! Wook, naked! Ma! Naked!" repeated several times. Other passers-by got a huge kick out of this.

Today on our way home from the library we passed a store with mannequins. He looked at them and then surprise registered on his little face. Then he pointed and yelled, "Oh! No head!"

Just wanted to add a few laughs to your day, since he is always adding them to mine. :)

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Becca said...

I love the manikin story!