Sunday, March 22, 2009

I bet you're getting tired of just hearing about things around here, how 'bout some pictures?

Mary and Joseph at the zoo last month with a life-sized newborn giraffe.

This is Joseph about two weeks ago when he was so sick. See those rosy cheeks? We took this at 2:30 in the morning, right after his cool bath. He laughed at himself wearing a towel and his PJs. We were just happy he wasn't roasting hot anymore.

This is another lego creation, courtesy Lil'Nathan. The gate swings!

And here we have Joseph, stuck behind the nightstand in our room. He was trying to rescue a toy... and instead he joined it.

For art, Lil'Nathan was learning to crochet. He started with a scarf/ toy sleeping bag, and then on his own he turned it into this hat. He even did the pom-pom without help. (He said he was bored with the rectangle.)

Here are my reading boys...

And here is where Joseph put the book when he finished. Maybe he thought it would get hungry?

Last week when I was sick Nathan took the kids to the park. They had a nice long walk, played on the beach, and discovered a new playground.

That's Lake Michigan ice in the background here...

And here the view of "Camelot" from their walk.

And then to keep this week interesting... Notice the forehead and nose...

If you ask him what happened, he answers, "Jump bed fall. JoJo nose, cry cry." Here's a view from last night. It's getting better, but still looks dreadful. Camera can't do it justice.

Mary has been complaining all week that her tooth hurt and she couldn't eat/ bite. I thought it was bruised from her hitting it with an apple. Nope, it was loose. It came out on Fri night. The tooth fairy came and delivered a shiny "golden dollar" on Sat afternoon. (Miss Toothfairy was totally unprepared. Thank goodness Mary had to decorate her tooth cup first, huh?)

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Becca said...

Mary looks a lot like her Momma.