Saturday, March 7, 2009

On Friday nights we let Lil'Nathan read as late as he wants, as long as he isn't crabby the next day. He usually stays up until around 11 pm or so, and periodically pops out of his room to share some exciting bit of something from his books.

Well, last night Nathan went to the Temple with the ward (yes, it is finally open again, HOORAY!!) so it was the kids and I. After Joseph went to sleep I curled up in the green chair (I am going to miss that chair when we go) and started reading my new book. A little after 10 pm I heard a fire engine and police car come quite close then stop. (We live very near the fire station and hear sirens literally all the time!) A minute or so later Lil'Nathan came flying out of his room, a death grip on his book, his eyes wide. He was very calm, though, as he told me, "There's a fire truck, two police cars, and an ambulance right outside our building." I asked him if he were sure they were here and not going across the street. He ran back to his room, came out, and assured me they were here. Then he began moving towards the door. I watched, with a smile, as he lowered himself to the ground, put his nose to the crack under the front door, and sniffed several times. He seemed rather relieved as he stood, announced "no smoke" and returned to his room, book in hand.

I didn't see him for the rest of the night and have no idea when the emergency crew left.

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Olsen Clan said...

Love reading about your family! What a fun idea to let Nathan read late on Friday nights. I might have to try that with a few of my "bookworms"!